Diving in!

Hello!  This is the first blog entry on my new website, and you might well be my first visitor! Thank you for that! As I try to think of the perfect thing to say for my first blog post, I am realizing that this isn't the place to be perfect. This is the place to be real. To be transparent.

So that is what you can expect from me. I will tell you about my foibles as well as my "successes".

There will be moments of inspiration, and there will be moments of laughter.

I have fear about taking this leap, but as the title of this post suggests, I'm just going for it. Martha Beck talks about how to tell if your fear is leading you toward doing the thing you fear, or away from it.

Imagine yourself on a diving board. To dive in would mean you do the thing you fear. The difference is in the water. Is the water dirty, with poo and scum floating on it, or is the water pristine, cool and refreshing? That's how you know. Coaching for me feels like the latter.

Stay tuned for my video, where I tell you what exactly my great scheme is for this coaching thing.