What's in a Day?

A few weeks ago I took my special man to the spa for his birthday. On the way to the spa we got rear-ended. Ouch. Our plan to arrive half an hour early was squashed as we exchanged information with the van that ran into us.

When we arrived, I didn't have the right change for the parking meter, so I had to sprint to the nearest convenience store to see if they could give me change. While there, I dropped my coins on the floor, and they rolled under the meat display case. Then, the man in front of me in line decided to have a gander at the scratch 'n win tickets. And I mean close examination, so as to determine which game would give him the highest likelihood of a fortune. Finally, I just turned to the guy behind me in the line and asked if he had the change that I needed. He did! So I sprinted back to the car, plugged that meter, and into the spa we went.

If I had carried the energy of everything I just described with me into that treatment room, it would have prevented me from enjoying it.

A lot of us think that once a day is heading in a certain direction, we're done for.

We tend to think that "tomorrow I'll start over".

Why do we confine ourselves to 24 hour blocks?

Deciding to make a change can happen in any second of the day.  In fact, right now is the only time it can happen!

Set an intention, who do you want to be for the rest of the day?

No matter how messed up your day has been to this point, it can all turn around with a shift within you.

When we walked into the spa, I set an intention to make the most of the experience and fully enjoy all of the sensations being served up to us. Thoughts of my smashed car did arise a couple of times, but I did not attach any meaning to them. I just let them float on through.

We went on to having the most lovely sushi dinner afterwards, enjoying the food and the conversation. It was a perfect day.