Messages from my Soul

Hey there. As this calendar year comes to a close, I decided to go back into my journals and compile a list of all of the wisdom I've received from my Soul this year.What? My Soul, you ask? How do you do that? Well, it's a process that I've learned in my Mind Body Coach Training. It's not really complex, and sometimes I don't think it's working. I feel like I'm making stuff up. Upon reflection, however, I'm amazed at how spot-on my Soul Wisdom has really been. As I've started to listen to it, my life has taken a turn. It's taken many turns. I'm still in quite a mess, but I'm building a foundation from which I can thrive.

Here it is:

Sit. Peace Out. Balance. Live. Trust. Fail. Meltdown. Surrender. See the Beauty. Allow it to move. Question dirty pain. You know what you know. Let it be. You will see how rich life is when Inner Wisdom guides you. It will be better than you can imagine. See it for growth. I want more. Better. You deserve it all. Rest. Love you. It's about you learning to feel your emotions. To allow them. To stop being afraid of what they mean. Their message is always a path to true peace and love. That is what you want and need. Feed me. Space and time. Move. Slow. Cocoon. I'm done. Hugs. One step at a time. It's amore. Enjoy your feelings. Bathe in them. You are allowed to leave. Never stop. Love you. Learning to trust. Sit with sadness. It doesn't kill you. Watch how it lets go of you. Write your books. I am here. Bloom and grow. Trust. Solid foundation. Love always. Something eciting will happen. Enjoy. Learn to trust me. Connect. Deeply. Deep transformation. Seek. Listen. Share.