I'm a Certified Life Coach!

Today I became a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.  It's something I've been working towards for 2 years.  I took my time, I let it happen, I've worked through my stuff.  And I continue to do so daily. I felt scared at first, but I let the fear flow freely, not wishing it to be gone.  My fear is here to help me.  It heightens my awareness and intuition.  Thank you fear.

I allowed myself to soak in the moment and became curious about Abigail and whatever she was going through.  I allowed my intuition to lead, and I let my true nature play with hers.  It was beautiful.  There was nothing to remember, nothing to "get right."  I was just me, being me, holding the space for her.  I am so thankful to have shared that moment with Abigail.  I let myself be filled with love for her.  I feel like the luckiest gal on the planet.  My purpose has found me. xoxo

This is my journal entry from yesterday morning.  It was written as I sat in Starbucks, BEFORE my Certification Exam!  I decided to set the intention by writing about the exam as if it already happened.  As if I already passed.  I was so shit scared, my fear was enormous.  It was hard to eat, hard to feel anything besides scared.  So, I let it be there.  I thanked it for being there.  And on my way to work, I cranked up my music so loud and sang at the top of my voice.

Singing and dancing are becoming my favourite activities to release nervous tension.  I did the same thing when I knew that I would be coaching a fellow classmate in my Mind Body Coach Training class.  When I dance or sing when I'm scared, I can feel love, and it washes over me and leaves me in tears, pretty much every time.  Feeling love in the midst of fear is one of the most profound things I've experienced.

More on this later....for now, I am basking in the love I feel for my community of coaches, and for myself.  I am proud of me.  I am continually moving in the direction of my dreams, and it is something to celebrate!