I applied for a job at OWN

Sometimes, you just have to put yourself out there.  A few weeks ago, as I was counting pills by fives, I got some kind of a hit that I was going to have an opportunity to make money doing something else.  And soon.  It didn't come from my thoughts, it was just kind of a knowing.  A few days later I was exploring Oprah's website, and saw they were looking for a female personality for a documentary series, to do interviews  with every day people and hear their stories. "That's me!",  I thought.  So I got my bio and video together, and sent it in!  And then I let it go.

I know logically that getting a job at OWN is a pretty freaking long shot.  But I didn't do it because I have my heart set on working there.  I did it because I've started to believe that I won't have to make money being a Pharmacist forever.  This may sound obvious, given that most people have 5 (or something) careers in their lifetimes.  Sometimes logic doesn't matter.  My belief still was that I will never change my career, and I will keep hanging my head and heading back behind the counter.

I've started to believe that I have natural abilities and talents, and it's just a matter of time before I will use them every day, and make money doing so.  I plan to support my hopes and dreams by DOING my hopes and dreams.  This belief feels so good to my essential self, I could dance on the roof of my car.

So whether or not Oprah calls me and tells me she wants to meet me tomorrow, I feel damn good that I put myself out there.  I tried for something.  I took a step in the direction of doing what I love.  That is enough.

When you start doing what you love more often, opportunities to do what you love starting coming to YOU.

Here's my video submission: