Inspiration Thunderclap

I keep thinking.  And thinking, and analyzing.  And figuring out.  But my mind can only go so far.  I wanna hear what my soul has to say.  I want to follow that voice.  The voice that leads me to peace.  To exhilaration.  To more love, more joy, more connection, more thrills. The truth is, I'm planning something big.  Something unlike I've ever done before.  Something risky.  Something bold.  If I had only one year to live, I would do exactly this thing that I'm planning.  That's how much I love it.  I am committed.  I am going to figure it out, and and I'm going to let it happen.

My head didn't conceive of this idea.  My soul did.  And that why every time I think of this idea, I cry, I melt, I settle into my bones and feel the beauty of this life pulsing within and without.

Danielle LaPorte is one person who inspires me.  In the coming months, I will share more and more.  Because instead of holding these people close in secret, it's time to let you know who inspires me, who helps me rise.

Here she is, she is magnificent: