Caution, Prudence, and Discretion. Giggle.

I took a test once.  To find out what my character strengths are.  And what they are not. People always tell you to "play to your strengths".  Screw this well-rounded B.S.  Get better at what you're good at, and hire out the rest!

Well, my friends, when you find a Mr. "Caution, prudence, and discretion," you can send him my way.  Because that was LAST on my list of strengths.

Yes, do send him my way.  And I'll giggle because his fly is down.  Or I'll tell him about that time in Paris....

Better yet, let's just forget that and focus on my strengths.

Number one: Humour and playfulness.

Hehehe, yay!  Have you ever met a playful, funny pharmacist before?  Hard to picture eh?

Oh well.

One of these days the carpet is going to match the drapes.

Ahem, what I meant of these days my outside will match my inside.

Take the test here.  Really it's quite good.