Welcome the Mess!

Summer has arrived.  And it has brought with it something interesting. Nothing!

After weeks of no creative flow, no desire to achieve or attempt anything, I have decided it's time to make it public.

I'm taking a break y'all!

Here's the quote that sustains me in these days:

When you can only do—nothing—you have arrived where healing begins. For us to grow, it takes waiting. In our culture this is the hardest part—patience and waiting. For when we allow a process to unfold in its own rhythm and to grow at its own mysterious pace it often feels as though everything has come to a halt. We mistake it for total stagnation.

~ Gertrude Mueller Nelson, Here All Dwell Free

Sometimes courage is stopping. Sometimes courage is waiting. It's taken some time for me to sit with this empty space. I fight against it sometimes and try to fill it with stuff, but still there's a still voice beckoning. It's time to wait.