Falling Forward

Greetings! I've been on a creative hiatus, spending most of my time getting my Netfix, or crying in a ball in bed.  Fun stuff!  I could blame it on SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or on the fact that this time last year I was going through a break-up and my dog died, or the fact that I still don't know what I want to do with my life and I'm still single.......OR......I could surrender to the burn, because I know this is the raw material for more evolution.  I'm breaking down so that I can shed my old identity and dream my way into a life that resembles me even more.  It's good stuff, really.  It's just not possible to shit rainbows ALL the time.  That's more of a spring thing anyway.

Ok I lied.  I said I haven't been creating.  But if Halloween costumes count, and I think they do, then I have been flexing my creative quadriceps:































I also had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for my brother, Andy, and his fiancee, Ally. Andy has been living with me for the last years, and will be moving out into their newly-purchased home in 10 days, but who's counting? ;)

Have a great week!