April Chat

It's spring in Winnipeg!  That can only mean one thing.....snow.  Unwanted snow.  The only wanted snow I can think of is the first snow.  That beautiful, serene, lazily-drifting-down type of snow.  And maybe Christmas snow.  Other than that, it's all unwanted. Especially in April, when Winnipegers are waiting for the first day above freezing so they can show off their legs and arms. Oh yes.  2 degrees?  We'll take it.  We'll treat it like a beach day.  We'll jump out of our houses in tank tops with the dog on a leash and go for ice cream. This post is not supposed to be about weather.  It's hard not to talk about it when it's so damn extreme always, but I'm going to end it at that.  What I really want to do is spill the beans about what I'm up to these days.  I tend to get quiet over here when I'm either not sure what I'm doing or I'm in love.  In this case it's both.

It's true, I met someone and we are in all kinds of love.  More on that another time...

I really wanted to tell you all these things in a video, but the fact of the matter is I'm wearing a bathrobe and I just picked at a pretend pimple.

Not only do I not know what I'm doing, or exactly what I want, I also am learning to enjoy it!

I applied to art school.  Just to see if I could get in.  Turns out I can!  That's fun.  I also applied to Creative Communications at the local college.  Will I get in?  We shall see!

I took voice lessons, and then I sang in my friend's wedding.  I got to be in a band for one night; dream come true for me.

I'm going to do a road trip!  Where am I going?  Not exactly sure.  Why am I doing it?  Also not sure.  What I do know is that if you live between Winnipeg and Victoria, and perhaps even down as far as L.A., I want to come see you!  If you have a cool story to tell, even better.  I am going to have my camera and sound equipment (which I don't yet know how to use) with me, and I'm gonna go find me some stories. Love stories.  Hero's journeys. Hell-and-back stories.

It's weird not exactly knowing why I'm drawn to do these things, but that is the cool thing about leading my life with my soul. It may not make the most sense, but it's damn fun and there is magic behind every step, even if I don't see it right away.

Oh, and do you like my new logo?  Thanks a whole bunch to my friend and fellow coach Florence Moyer (FloMo) for helping me out with creating a logo that feels like me.