Puppy Sunday

A few weeks ago I wished I had a puppy to play with. Puppies make the world more fun, and they make you forget about your bad mood.  It's a known fact. Especially when they piddle on the floor, you are snapped into the present moment. My wish came true today when my brother and his wife found a puppy in their backyard.  They wasted no time texting me to come over and play! The puppy was cute, and bit and chewed on us a lot. I was glad that I don't have a puppy, because I would be bleeding all the time. And, of course since it wasn't our puppy we didn't bother going Caesar Milan on its ass, and let her do exactly what she wanted to.

They called Animal Services and she is there now, being held for 3 days.  If nobody claims her, she gets put up for adoption.  I hope she gets to go home.  Especially if she has good owners. There is a Facebook page for lost animals in Winnipeg, and her pic is up on there.

This is one cute puppy, I'm glad she stopped by.

[youtube width="500" height="400"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M2CqFYDggI&feature=em-upload_owner[/youtube]