Your Education

I had a phone life coaching session with my friend Janet this week. She is an intuitive. This means she can see/read energy, and she uses this gift to help people clear away energy blocks and to get some peace around things that are chafing. While I talked, she was reading my energy and seeing where my chakras were blocked. I told her about how hard work, working hard, working all the time is emphasized daily in school. The working hard = success paradigm doesn't really work for me. I prefer a more feminine approach to work: More egg, less sperm. Read more about this here.

I told her about  my struggles in the creative process. I told her about how the busy-ness of school is leaving me feeling disconnected from my spirit.

And then the magic started to happen. Janet reminded me that the education I'm here to get is not the same education that I'm getting in school. My education looks different than everyone else's. I believe that education comes from the spirit. People who teach courses are not our teachers, our spirit is our teacher.

My assignments in school are not my true assignment. Yes, I will do them to get through the course, and I will try to do well, but the real assignment comes from my soul.

How do I know what my real assignment is?

I go towards what interests me. Wherever I feel a spark, that's where my assignment is. Wherever I lose track of time, whatever I feel pulled towards, that's my real assignment.

To me, this feels so much better than stressing myself out trying to please my "teachers."

Secondly, Janet addressed my feeling disconnected from spirit. Disconnection is an illusion. We are spirit, and therefore can't be unplugged from it. It's a matter of volume. Picture a stereo that's playing two songs at once, and each one has their own volume. One song is the soul's and the other is the mind's. I forgot that I am in charge of the volume. So I picture myself dialling down the mind's song, and turning up the soul's.

There are no words in the soul song. It's humming, rhythm, nature, and it feels so peaceful, it's hard not to exhale and let my body release all of its tension.

My conversation with Janet was the highlight of my week, and it also reminded my of the importance of community. When I don't connect with my "people" (those I feel deeply understood by and connected to) it affects my well-being.

Here are my takeaways:

Remember that your real education comes from your soul.

You can dial down the mind and dial up your soul whenever you choose.

Spend time with your people. Let that replenish you.

ps. If this sounds whacked to you, that's totally ok. This is how I experience life, and it may not jive for everyone.