Work-Screen Balance

Work-life balance. I don't believe it exists, and Danielle LaPorte agrees with me. The pursuit of balance can be crazy-making, and I don't believe we're wired for it. I spend a lot of time at school. It's not stressful, but it's draining for my mind. This means that when I get a moment to myself, I want to avoid how drained I feel, so I find a screen. Not just one, usually. I collect every device I own, kind of like how this dog collects bags of bread

I sit on the couch with my iPad, my phone, and my computer, and zone out hard for hours. Is this bad? Should I be angry at myself for wasting so much time and for being so obsessed with my devices?

What if zone-out time is actually part of living a balanced life? When I get home, my brain tells me that it doesn't want to focus on anything challenging. It needs to take in some brain candy to balance out all those hours of focused attention in school.

The problem is, I don't feel good after I do it. I feel like I over-indulged. Like when I eat too much popcorn at the movies and spend two days trying to rehydrate.

Rather than beating myself up about this, I'm just going to scale back the screen time a bit. I am going to try to consciously choose my activities, and instead of heading straight for Netflix when I get home, I'll just sit with my eyes closed for 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. Who knows, maybe that will lead to the desire to do some non-screen activities, like sewing! Let's see.