My B School Opinions - good and bad

Today, let's talk B School.

For those of you who don't know what it is, check it out here. (not that you'll get much info about the program from that page, which is one of my issues)

It's an online marketing program by Marie Forleo, for entrepreneurs. I signed up for it in 2010, when it was a wee baby of a program. I think it was the first or second time it was offered.

I was fresh out of a life coaching program, and I really thought that what I needed was to learn how to grow my business. My non-existent business. I had no clue about marketing tactics, and worse than that, I had no idea what I was selling.

I signed up because everyone else was. I signed up because I was afraid that if I didn't, my dream of being a life coach would never grow any legs. And I signed up because they told me registration was open for one day only, and if I didn't, I would miss out. Not true. They re-opened registration. It was all just pressure tactics to get me to buy in.

So I jumped in, spent a bunch of cash, and didn't use any bit of it.

Not because I didn't try. I sat down and tried to nail down my "Ideal Customer Avatar," and I couldn't do it. Because I didn't know who that was yet.

So, I'm here to give my opinion, and tell you what makes B School cool, and what makes it not-so-cool.

What I like about B School:

  • Production value is sky-high. Videos are great quality and appealing to le eye
  • It's online, and it's easy to access
  • There are some very neat people out there who are doing work I love who have taken this course and loved it
  • Lifetime access. I still have access to the program, so if I ever do start a business and know exactly what I want to do, I'll have this in my toolbox to figure out how to market it online
  • The content is good. It's solid stuff.

What I don't like about B School:

  • There is obviously a huge team working with her, but they make it sound like just you and a laptop and a dream can do what she's doing.
  • Affiliate programs, while I'm not against them, they do have a time and place. Really Positively Positive? Really Hay House? Really people who I never hear from until it's time to get out an affiliate link and make some dough? You think your people all need B School?
  • You can't find out how much it costs - unless you sign up to get the free training, which takes you on a long and winding road to "Buy It Now" town
  • Your number one goal can't be to have an online business. An online business is not a thing. It's about taking something you already are doing or selling, and using the Internet as a tool to reach your audience
  • People sometimes sign up for it because everyone is talking about it and they don't want to miss out. They sign up without knowing what they're selling or to whom.
  • I feel like it's a lot of money to spend on pre-taped videos. It's a very high investment for not very much contact with Marie herself.

In the end, there are a ton of people who love this program. I will probably use the content from it one day. What I don't like is how I feel looking back, having made the decision to take the course from a place of fear and not-good-enough instead of a place of empowerment.

Marie Forleo has helped a lot of people get going, and that is a great thing. But there are also people who signed up and never used it, and those voices are important to consider as well.

I'm curious to know what you think. Have you done it? Do you know people who have? If this is the first time you've heard of it, what's your impression of her landing page?