The Dog Whisperer Downfall

It happened. I failed my first assignment. And it's all Cesar's fault.

Just kidding. I spelled his last name Milan instead of Millan. I wanted to be mad at him. I was like, "Cesar, what is wrong with your last name? Don't you know that double "l" means you say it as a "y"? Is it really Miyan? Is that how you say it? Plus, wouldn't you rather be named after the fashion capital of the world? What does Millan mean anyway? Pfffft."

And then I saw this photo. I wanted to think he's evil and is really strangling this pit bull, but they're both smiling! Clearly he really does love dogs, and I just can't stay mad at a dog lover.

Seriously, though, failure is SO much better for learning than success. Right? Right? Yeah yeah yeah...

What I learned was not to double check my papers more. That is inevitable.

The real lesson here is juicier than that. It has to do with my desire to be perfect and to never make mistakes. Turns out it's just not possible. Doing well all the time feeds my inner perfectionist (let's call her Dilly), and let's face it, she's pudgy enough as it is. Dilly wants to do better than everyone else, wants to be recognized, and wants to never deal with setbacks.

I don't expect Dilly to just shrivel up and die. She's a part of me. But it's good to let her know sometimes that she doesn't run the show. She may push me toward excellence, but she has nothing to do with my worth as a person.

Now Dilly, go watch some Cesar.