Friday was the big day. The magazine fair.

Our magazines were displayed and we all tried to outdo each other with our booths. I briefly considered sabotage, but decided to play fair. After all, we had dogs and they didn't.

There were photo booths, slushies, stamps, antique chairs, baby chickens, and meatballs. It was the best magazine fair ever. (I didn't check my facts on that btw)

Way to go CreComm. I am proud to be in a group of such creative people. Not only creative, we also get shit done. It's a special skill to be able to create at rapid speed. Thank you to the program that makes me ill with stress and deadlines because without you, I'd still be standing behind the counter at the pharmacy wondering when things will change.

Here are some of the highlights from the Dogma booth:

Look who came to support his favourite gal!

Diesel: so charming, so hungry.

So long, Dogma! May you stop haunting my dreams now.