Stop Hoarding your Candles

I have so many lovely-smelling candles. They are in a drawer and have been for years. You see, I had this dream of being a person who comes home on dark chilly winter nights and lights a hundred candles and basks in their ethereal glow before retiring early for a long and peaceful slumber.

There's only one problem: I couldn't bring myself to use the candles because I didn't want to run out. I didn't want to run out of candles, so I just never lit them at all.

I also hoard other things that I don't want to run out of, like makeup and vegetables. Inevitably the veggies wilt and the makeup dries out and I end up just wasting a lot of stuff.

The other night I put on makeup to go to a party. I tried the WHOLE palette of eyeshadow colours–around 10 of them.

Aside: why do eyeshadows have names like "trick," "nooner," "burnout," and "liar"? What are the folks at Urban Decay getting at there?

I looked good. But then, we weren't feeling very party-like so we didn't stay very long. Back at home, I stood in front of the mirror rubbing my eye with the makeup-removing towelette thinking, "Man, what a waste. All that makeup for just a couple of hours."

Seriously, if it would stay put, I'd try to wear makeup for two days or more to feel like I wasn't wasting it.

What is this about? Why do I hoard good things and feel bad when I use them too much? Is it my puritanical roots? Is it because deep down I believe women don't deserve to have good things all the time?

Enough!!!!!!! It's time to swing the pendulum from hoarding to gluttony and let myself indulge. I declare that I will now light my candles until they burn to nothing, and then I will buy more candles and do it again.

And I will eat those vegetables the first day I buy them! And I will put on as much makeup as I want whenever I want.

What kind of pleasures are you hoarding and not letting yourself enjoy?

Get those candles out of the drawer and light 'em all!

ps. No this is not an ad for those PartyLite candle party people.