Summer Tight Pants Part 1

It gets hot in summer. Oh yes, and when that heat gets high, you take those jeans and you just put them away. Jeans and summer don't mix. Instead you get used to wearing flowing skirts and elastic waisted shorts.

Then, it gets a little cool one night, and you decide to pull out a pair of jeans for a night out on the town.

Uh oh. These jeans feel so tight. Were they always this tight? Oh dear, I must have gained weight over the summer. How is that possible, what with all the sweating and physical activity?

Relax! It's gonna be okay.

See, I have this theory about jeans. They shrink if you don't wear them. They just get smaller and smaller the longer they sit, so you must keep wearing them for them to keep fitting.

Either that, or your body was feeling all free to flop and then when you stuffed it back into jeans it just didn't feel natural.

When you start wearing those jeans every day again in fall, they will start to accommodate your shape again.

But what if you really did gain some weight and the jeans just don't fit anymore? I'll explore that next week on the blog.