Spiritual Flakes

I love talking about spirituality. I believe in energy and the connectedness of all things.

But I also believe that there's a lot of fluffy crap out there. I can only go so far down the woo-woo wormhole before my bullshit detector flashes red. It could be that I'm just not ready to receive that kind of stuff. It could be because my scientific mind is feeling left out. It could be because I can't stand it when people take themselves too spiritually seriously.

Let's face it, we're all just experimenting here. We are trying to navigate our lives the best we can, and we don't want people blowing smoke up our asses while we do it. And when people do stuff like what Gwyneth does in the video above, it's hard not to laugh.

I make fun of my journalling. About how dramatic and emotional it is. I make fun of my attempts at meditating that always turn into naps. If I can't laugh at it, then I know I'm missing the point.

People who say writing their book was so easy, because they just connected to spirit and it poured out of them. That makes me not want to read their book!

People who promise that if you sign up for their course you can align with the universe AND make a ton of cash. I unsubscribe.

I am cynical in some ways. I'm skeptical in some ways. And I think that's okay, because I don't need to give everything a chance. And neither do you. You get to say, "That's not for me," without needing to feel closed off or judgmental.

And if you're trying something spiritual that just feels ridiculous. Laugh at yourself. And then tell people about it, because they need to laugh too.