Your work is not your worth

IMG_2689I talk about career stuff a lot. I think it's pretty important to like—maybe even love—your job. I even dedicated my year-long IPP (Independent Professional Project) at school to the topic of women and career change. I can't get enough of hearing people's stories about how they took that risk, made that change, and got themselves into a career they can rally behind. You spend so much time working, so it better be something you feel good about, right?


But here's the but:

The job you do is not all of who you are. Your job is ONE way you express your true nature in the world.

Being really good at your job doesn't make you a good person. It doesn't make you worthy of love and belonging. It doesn't mean you're better than other people.

You are worthy because you are here. You are alive, and you deserve to feel heard, seen, and respected.

You don't just get these things when you work hard enough for a really, really long time. You don't get these things when you get a promotion. You don't get these thing when you get a raise.

These things are fundamental to being human and no amount of hustling for being "good enough" can make you more worthy of them.

This is great news! Because even if you suck (and you will, there's just no way around it. Trust me I've tried) you are still worthy of love and belonging.

Even if you misspell something and it gets published. Even if you call a client by the wrong name. Even if your fly was open for that whole presentation.

Still worthy.

Cried in front of your boss?

Still worthy.

Late for a meeting?

Still worthy.

Are you catching my drift? There is NOTHING you can DO to take away your worthiness.

So breathe, soak that in, unclench your muscles, and tell yourself, "I'm worthy. I am enough. I'm a bit of alright."