0/2 isn't bad

This Christmas is the second one I'm spending with Brett. We've known each other for just about two years. It's easy to keep track because we met on New Year's Eve. But this isn't a story about how we met. It's a story of our folly. It's gift-giving. We suck at it. Or should I say we're too good at it. See, we love getting each other thoughtful gifts that we know the other person will really enjoy. But then we get so excited that we can't wait until Christmas.

Last year we had only a few things left to give each other on Christmas day. This year our gift-giving excitement reached a tipping point on Friday. I got him some sweaters and I just couldn't wait until Christmas because I couldn't stand the thought of him being chilly at the office. He NEEDED them NOW.

Of course after I blew it, he had to run to his closet and get me something too. We didn't even make it til December.

Oh well, maybe we'll do better next year, but I doubt it. Maybe it'll just be our thing.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy black cyber consumer extravaganza time! I hate it yet I fall for it every time. Deals! We love the deals.