Do it to the max

IMG_2795 This is my birthday face. I got a cinderella ice cream cake from Dairy Queen - it was very exciting. As you can see, I took candle-blowing very seriously.

I used to think that my over-the-top enthusiasm for everything was something I needed to curb. I thought it was too much for people. And the last thing I wanted to be is annoying.

Looking at this photo makes me realize that despite my efforts to change, I am still very much the same girl in that photo. I still have wild and idealistic ideas about how things could be. I still talk a lot. I still feel enthusiastic about making my life burst with experiences and doing the things I've always dreamed of doing.

I'm so glad I didn't change. And I'm so glad that I no longer think that I have to.

What about you? What were you like as a kid? Do you still see those traits in yourself? What if what you thought was your biggest flaw is actually the special thing that you bring to the table to make the world better?