Cuba Care

We went to Cuba and spent an entire week relaxing and eating. It was a much-needed break from screens and thoughts about work. Brett and I both took some time to reflect while we were there. We thought about what we'd accomplished in the past year, and it was a lot! Here are some of our highlights from 2014:

  • Brett got a new job and a promotion
  • I retired from pharmacy and got a job in communications the next day
  • We got engaged!
  • We went on a plane together for the first time - to Cuba!
  • We moved in together

I also made a dream list. Since so many of my dreams I used to have are coming true, it's time to refresh the list! So here are some things on my big dreaming list:

  • Get paid to interview people (It's kind of already happening, but I'd like it to be a substantial part of my income)
  • Be a motivational speaker
  • See Hawaii
  • Go on a spiritual retreat/vacation
  • Buy a house
  • Get a dog
  • Get glasses that I love
  • Simplify our lifestyle
  • Make our home our sanctuary

I feel pretty good about that list. And that's the key people! It has to feel good, like the world is opening and possibilities are vast.