My Real Work

KOMShareLovePostImage I spent many years doing work that didn't feel good. Frequent were the days where I'd cry while driving home from work, frustrated with the monotony and the ceaselessness of it.

Many of you know this feeling. Many of you have also cried about your job. Many of you feel like losers because you feel like you're wasting your life doing something that makes you feel hollow.

This is why I started Your Real Work. For those of you who feel stuck in that place and wish you knew it was possible to love your job. I'm here to tell you this: You can love your job. You can feel good about doing it. Your real work will fill you, not deplete you.

I found women who left jobs that didn't make sense to leave and asked them to tell me about it. Harnessing the power of story is something that I believe is my real work. So I got to do my real work by interviewing these women about their real work. How cool is that?

I intended to wrap up this project at the end of 2014, but I'm not ready to let it go yet. So I will continue talking to women and sharing their stories. If you have a cool career change story or know a someone who does, tell me about it! Let's keep this ball rolling in 2015.