Wedding Planning Part 1

il_340x270.454794376_41fbSince I'm getting married in June, and it's a pretty rare (more so for some than others) occasion, I will express my innermost thoughts and feelings about this season of my life. I get asked a lot, "How's the wedding planning going?"

I never quite know what to say. You know, there's the "Oh, we hired a DJ!" or "We finally met with a photographer," stuff. Checking boxes and the like. Or "Are you excited?" "You must be excited." Why yes! I am excited! Although the level of excitement is hard to sustain over months. I wonder how people stay engaged for years and maintain their enthusiasm for making the big day happen.

When Brett and I marry, we will have been engaged for nine months. And I will have spent eight of those months with my head squarely focused on school work. That leaves one month to plan!

Oh, I forgot to mention it's the Wonderful Wedding Show this weekend! I should go and pick my linens! Sadly no, I will be missing it because I came down with the "I'd rather have a virus than go to there" virus. Wedding stuff just doesn't do it for me. I have a great appreciation for lace, but I'd rather be calm and safe and alone when I choose my lace.

So, instead of filling you in on every wedding planning detail, which isn't an accurate representation of what I'm really doing on a day-to-day basis, I will instead share this article about marriage advice. Because I'd rather have a solid relationship than a super duper extravagant wedding. (Of course you can have both. I'm just doing what we want)

Enjoy this article, as well as the nauseating stock photos.