It took a lotta leaps

IMG_2641I once went to Regina for a first date. For those of you who don't know where that is, it's about a six-hour drive from where I live.

6 hours for a first date. So what does that make you think? That I was desperate? Or adventurous? I know I'd like to think it was the latter.

I also went to Costa Rica twice in one year because the first time I met a guy and the second time I wanted to see if it was for real.

The point is, on my path to love I tried a lot of things. I was bold and adventurous, because I knew that things don't happen to those who sit around waiting for good things to plop into their lap.

I have zero regrets. In fact, being bold was how I met Brett. I went to a party by myself. On New Year's Eve. I didn't feel cool, but I also knew I'd have much less fun if I stayed home.

I've cut myself a fair bit of slack when it comes to my journey to finding my partner. So why was I having such a hard time doing the same for my career?

When I took a life coaching course and didn't become a life coach, I felt like a failure. When I bought a camera and started doing wedding photography but couldn't see myself doing that for a career, I felt like I had wasted my time. And when I paid for an expensive business course and never started a business, I felt sure I was headed for a lifetime of disappointment.

But I was wrong! Now I know that you have to try things. You have to take leaps all over the place, and just because the first leap doesn't pan out, doesn't mean you shouldn't leap again.

Three years ago I felt like the type of guy I wanted didn't exist, ESPECIALLY not in Winnipeg. And I didn't think I'd find work that felt good AND paid the bills.

Look at me now. I've got one of those items locked down (the wedding is in June haha) and I'm in mile 24 of the marathon for the second.

Leap! And then leap again!